One Music Fest 2016 Recap

One Music Fest 2016 Recap

Man. I am on a DIRTY SOUTH HIGH right now! I am so proud to be a Dungeon Baby! So proud to be born and raised in ATLANTA, GA! So proud of my dad, my uncles, my whole dang family! SO PROUD.

I can't even begin to describe the emotions I still have. I'm just in a state of euphoria. My friend asked me what my favorite part of the day was and I couldn't even pick a moment. But there was a point when my siblings and cousins were all sitting side by side on the stage with my mom, aunties and I standing behind them and we're all looking at our family on stage TOGETHER. All of us literally on one stage together for an incredible moment in ATL, hip hop and music history! Nothing compares to that.

So we started the day by blasting my DF Vibes playlist and drawing Dungeon Family temporary tattoos on each other, lol. Then we drove on down to Lakewood Amphitheater and it was PACKED. We hung out backstage mostly but we were able to go experience the festival to see Busta Rhymes and Ice Cube!  Then we returned backstage to be with our family. Like y'all don't understand, having everyone there at one time is so rare. So it was important to embrace that moment. And it was actually cool to see my dad, Ray Murray, have pre-show jitters. haha. He thought he left his hard drive at home and it was in his Beats case the whole time. Oh Dad! I think he was just really excited.

When it was time for the show to start, we all gathered side stage and we were READY! *cues P. Troy's "We Ready"* (LOL). I spent a lot of time just looking all around at the staging, the fans and just absorbing it all. And I loved how everything was set up, with the live band + the Dungeon Family DJs - dad, KP the Great, DJ Swiff and Mr. DJ.  

So the show started with a DF interlude by Big Rube and went straight into "Dirty South" with Cool Breeze, Big Boi and Gipp.  Here's a photo I took of the set list (minus "Liberation", which was an extra special surprise).

Bruh, when Witchdoctor did "Holiday" I was too LIT! I mean, I was LIT the whole show, the whole day really. Haha. And ahhh, "Black Ice". Gipp was so HYPE - probably the most hype DF member the whole show! (I saw tweets from fans questioning how he was able to keep his curls intact the whole show. Haha.)  And when the crowd realized Dre walked out there was a huge roar from everyone. I guess they didn't believe it when they said: "The ENTIRE Dungeon Family" would be there.

I can't pick a favorite performance. The whole dang show was my favorite. But I will say everything went to a whole nother level when Killer Mike, Bonecrusher and TIP performed "Neva Scared". The crowd was BEYOND surprised. And that energy was a perfect segway into, "Watch for the Hook", because OMG, it was intense. It was crazy to feel that.

Overall, it was so AMAZING for me to see a lot of these songs because I haven't seen them performed since I was little or I haven't seen them performed AT ALL. Like "Liberation" - one of my favorite songs OF ALL TIME. I had chills seeing that live. See the full song live below:

I really wasn't ready for it to be over. I don't think anyone was. My little sister even said, "Is this gonna happen again tomorrow?" I replied with, "I wish baby, I wish!"

We ended the night by driving by the original Dungeon, which isn't too far from Lakewood Amphitheater. And I had a moment. Like, "Wow we just watched them perform in front of a sold out; 20,000+ crowd and the place where this all started was just down the street". What a dang full circle moment! And it looked like the lady who lives there now had a cookout or party or something that day! She had a tent set up and everything. I thought to myself,  "Yep, that's exactly what should have happened at the dungeon today because today was a celebration!"

If you were able to attend, I hope you enjoyed the show. If you didn't, sorry but you missed one of the best concerts of all time!

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