Sleepy's Theme: 'The Vinyl Room' LIVE

Sleepy's Theme: 'The Vinyl Room' LIVE

OMG. YALL. Uncle Sleepy's show was amazing on so many levels. This was my first time seeing him perform live as an adult and it was even more special because he only performed cuts from Sleepy's Theme's 1998 release, "The Vinyl Room".

So being a Dungeon Family kid, every DF show is always a like a family reunion for me! And it was great to have everyone together - Mom (Peaches), Uncle Rico, Uncle Big Boi, Uncle Backbone, Uncle KP, Uncle Queze and so many more family & friends! 

Everything about Sleepy's show was perfect. They handed out roses to the ladies as they entered, Dad (Ray Murray) set it off with a DJ set and he was killing it - so proud, the band was JAMMING, the lighting was jussssst right, the mic stand was adorned with Paper Anansi's luxury flowers and on top of that Sleepy and his father Jimmy Brown (of Brick) jammed on WHAT?! Them on stage TOGETHER...VERY RARE. Speaking of Jimmy and Brick, HUGE congratulations to them for being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

 If you weren't there, you really missed out because Uncle Sleepy and Red Bull Music Academy Radio really brought all the feels and I am still on a high from that night! Check out tweets below for pics & video of the show! 

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