From dining with 50 amazing ATL creatives, to practicing yoga to trap music,  to meeting with 40 indigos at 3 am and shooting fireworks...RaurFest and LVRN weekend was filled with love, chill vibes, excitement and just plain FUN.

Here's a few highlights and moments that made me so happy:

  • Trill Yoga. I really wouldn't have survived the rest of the day with out this session. I rose from a downward dog, felt so incredible and I realized how much I needed to start practicing again. So thanks again to Claire for introducing us to Trill Yoga. And I definitely smiled when Lil Uzi Vert's "Grab The Wheel" came on. It inspired me to make a playlist of trap music that friends and I can do yoga too! Coming soon. :)
  • RaurFest2016 Clothing drive. We received so many donations...AGAIN - over 20 bags of donations! I am so thankful to every single one of you who volunteered, donated clothes and captured visuals of this amazing act of love! So thankful for Terence and Cecilia Lester of Love Beyond Walls - they are truly heaven sent. I am so happy that we were able to provide more donations to them. I can't wait to do it again next year! 
  • Hero The Band. THEY KILT IT. I am so glad that they were able to perform at RaurFest! I knew it was the perfect crowd for them and that they would put on an incredible show for everyone! 
  • My sister Senaite. So during Lion Babe's show, I started periscoping from side stage. And I looked over in the media pit and see my sister Senaite shooting photos.  So much was going on that day that I totally forgot I gave her a media pass. I know she got her life during the show - especially during her fave Kilo Kish's set. Seeing my sister living her dreams while I'm living mine almost made me cry so many happy tears!!
  • RAURY! Omg I haven't seen Raur since February. So seeing him in person was def a highlight! When he started performing, I realized that was my first time seeing his new music live and he definitely put on a dope show.  I was SOOO happy when he played "CPU", it's my favorite from his debut album.  And I had so much fun throwing sunflowers in the crowd during "Superfly". The crowd looked so happy and beautiful holding their sunflowers for the rest of the evening! They even posted pics of their sunflowers to Twitter and Instagram - made me smile so big!
  • Indigo Meet Up! So Raury is on a mission to unite the indigos across the world and I am so thrilled to be able witness! Typically, Raury will tweet a random location in the middle of the night and the indigos will gather and discuss ways we can actively change the world! This time was a little different, Raur just wanted to have fun. So we went to Freedom Park at 1am and played capture the flag and shot fireworks until 4am. It was incredible and I met so many awesome souls! 

This whole weekend felt like a dream. I had so many full circle moments. It feels like just yesterday my parents were taking me to their events and even putting me to work at them! And now I'm helping to organize festivals and I'm the one putting my mom and sister to work. Haha. And having my friend Tia there (who I've been friends with since 3rd grade and now works for Joey Badass and Pro Era) made it even more special. It feels like just yesterday we were just in high school and now we're grown ups living our dreams! :D

Can't wait for RAURFEST next year! I know it's going to be even more amazing.

Photos: Van Nguyen, Donte Maurice, Shams Shawan