Thank You, Pro Era!

Hand written notes are powerful- so powerful! Especially in this world of social media and smart phones. When is the last time you wrote someone a hand written letter?

Today I received a hand written note from joey bada$$ and his mom. And I just think that is so dope! Just wanted to post a quick thank you to the whole Pro Era team, Tia, Joey and his mom from me and my family! 

Can't wait to see Joey and Kirk Knight of Pro Era next weekend in ATL at RAURFEST 2016! Click here for more info! And for my LA peeps, hope you got your tix for Pro Era's sold out Steez Day with ASAP MOB, Raury, and more!

P.S. I've been seeing 47 everywhere for the past couple weeks. And yesterday Raury and I talked on the phone for 47mins and 47 secs. If you don't know the meaning behind Pro Era's 47, look it up now. :)